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Who We Are

My Mind Matters Too is a training provider and facilitator that coaches students and educators to take ownership of their lives and their educational institutions.

Our Story

My Mind Matters Too was started by 5 students from King’s College London as a campaign in March 2018. The campaign was created to raise awareness around mental health & wellbeing and was launched on University Mental Health Day that same year.


The campaign quickly grew, receiving interest from universities, media platforms and other companies. We were able to host a Roundtable Discussion on Mental Health at the House of Parliament, work with KCL on their Wellbeing Strategy and even be featured in The Guardian.


Committed to providing a voice for every young person and teacher to share their stories and thoughts in a safe space.


Pushing and creating new boundaries for what inclusive and safe educational spaces for all should be like.  


Committed to involving young people and educators in the design and delivery of all of our services.

Our Journey

Over the last 2 years, we’ve done everything and anything we could to support students during their transition stages between school, university and employment.

We created content, spoke at events, hosted events, delivered workshops, conducted research and campaigned for greater investment into mental health services at educational institutions.

Our work allowed us to work with a number of partners. From King's College London and Liverpool University to One Young World, Student Minds and Hammersmith Academy. 

It's not the place that makes the people but the people that makes the place. 

Our Future

As we move into the future, we will be working with students and educators to drive a whole organisational change in educational institutions, as we believe that it is not the place that makes the people, but the people that make the place.


So, we will continue to support students and educators to regain their voices by taking ownership of their lives and their educational environments.


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